"Light" video

short breakdown of the scene

updating the Poliigon bonsai with some leaves

adding the moss on the tree stump

adding some Polyhaven grass to the scene

utilizing eevee for one of the shots

render progression

painting the tree stump in Substance Painter

painting the tree stump in Substance Painter

scene in Blender

scene in Blender

This started out as a still life experiment to explore chiaroscuro in an interior setting, but eventually became something else entirely.

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Kudos to my wife for helping me brainstorm the ideas and metaphors for this project.

What was also pivotal for me, especially during the camera animation stage, is being able to leverage the flexibility that Eevee has to offer.

Recently, I've also realized the value of creating CG art with the perspective of photography/cinematography as opposed to a drawing/manufacturing mindset.

August 17, 2022