Render Progression

Testing Dall-E's Outpainting feature

Adjusting for Landscape Format

Adding Poliigon's Wood Textures to the Buttons

Gobos Light Textures in Action

Sound Design in Davinci Resolve

Sound Design in Davinci Resolve

Sculpting the Thimble

A study exploring lighting, fabrics, and how these elements behave with each other.

Poliigon's Upholstery generator facilitated the process smoothly and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results I got.

Gobos Light Textures also came in very handy as I was art directing and the animated gobos are a sight to behold.

I also took the opportunity to test out DALL-E's Outpainting feature and I'm blown! What I wish I could've done if I only had a few weeks more, I was able to look develop in a few minutes.

This is dedicated to my mom, who has always been one of my strongest foundations growing up.

My wife beat me again on the title for this one. But huge thanks to her. It wouldn't be as it is now if it wasn't for her constructive critiques.

September 4, 2022